Poland – Quo vadis?

„The European Union was a dream of few. It became a hope for many. Today it is a necessity for all of us”.[1] Already in 1954, the former German chancellor Konrad Adenauer declared this still having the echoes of World War II in his mind. From today’s perspective and from my point of view, being a member of a young European generation, I look differently on Konrad Adenauer’s Europe than he did…. Read More

Germany, don’t worry!

Last Sunday, Italians were asked to the ballots in what are likely to have been the most crucial local elections in recent times, with major cities like Milan, Turin, and Rome electing their representatives. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi´s candidate Giuseppe Sala, a former successful CEO at EXPO 2015, won with a slight majority in Milan against his centre-right rival. More significantly, however, the Five Star Movement won in Turin with Chiara Appendino… Read More

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