Camilo Erlichman

is a historian and Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of History, European Studies, and Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in the social and political history of western Europe since the 1930s. He received his BA in History and Politics & Society from the University of Bonn and an MSt in Modern British and European History from the University of Oxford. In 2015, he completed a PhD in History at the University of Edinburgh, where he was a Principal’s Career Development Scholar. He is currently turning his thesis entitled Strategies of Rule: Cooperation and Conflict in the British Zone of Germany, 1945-1949 into a book and has written several forthcoming journal articles on mid-20th century western European history. A former visiting scholar at Oxford and Cologne, he is also currently engaged in a new research project on transnational conceptions of democratic citizenship and local political languages in western Europe in the immediate post-war period, tentatively entitled Languages of Reconstruction: A Comparative Political History of Emotions in Western Europe, 1944-1957.



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