The European Nations in Paradise

  Once upon a time, the European Nations went to war, but instead of the battlefield, they walked into a paradise. After entering paradise, some Nations felt a little bit tired from their previous war and thought, “We wish we could be more peaceful”. Then, these Nations saw a beautiful and peaceful community. Within it everything seemed wonderful. So, they entered the community and found peace, economic and political co-operation. After a… Read More

The consequences of Brexit for TTIP

More than three months after the Brexit referendum, which saw 51.9 % of British voters express themselves in favor of leaving the European Union, the time has come to get things cleared and collect some reasonable thoughts. In particular, in respect to the UK’s share of EU exports and imports 12.9 % and 15.2 % respectively (Eurostat Statistics Explained, 2015), with many already questioning the future of EU trade agreements, with great concern regarding negotiations… Read More

Grexit, Brexit, Euro-Exit? Griechenland und Großbritannien

9. August 2016, der erste Länderabend von RUB Europadialog. Der Saal im Blue Square ist gefüllt mit Bochumer Bürgerinnen und Bürgern, sodass es schwer fällt, einen freien Platz zu finden. Ein Zeichen dafür, wie sehr den Bochumern und Bochumerinnen europäische Themen am Herzen liegen. Der Abend fängt mit einem Beitrag von Spyros Bakas an, der sich die Frage stellt, ob die Grexit-Gefahr noch ein aktuelles Thema in der Eurozone ist. Aufgrund politischer… Read More

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